Eugene Fencers Club


Closures and Cancellations

Eugene Fencers Club does not meet during public school holidays, or if schools have been closed due to severe weather.

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Occasionally other school events (i.e. dances) will force EFC to cancel a club night. In this case, EFC will contact Club members by email (preferably) or phone with as much advance notice as possible. Please make sure that EFC always has an up-to-date email address and phone number to be able to contact you for EFC business. Please see here for a list of dates when EFC does not meet:

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Directions to River Road Baptist Church from Roosevelt: Start out going west on E 24th Avenue toward Ult Way. 0.3 miles. Turn right onto Amazon Parkway. 0.3 miles. Turn left onto E 19th Avenue. < 0.1 miles. Turn right onto Oak Street. < 0.1 miles. Turn Left onto E 18th Avenue. 1.3 miles. Turn right onto Chambers Street 1.6 miles. Chambers Street becomes River Road. 1.1 miles. Church is a brick building on east (right) side of street.