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Fencing is a unique athletic form that maintains mental and physical health and fitness. It helps develop control, balance, speed and grace; many aspects of fencing carry over directly to real life situations.

Dedicated to the promotion of the modern sport of fencing, the Eugene Fencer's Club (EFC) - a non-profit educational organization and Lane County's oldest fencing program - has taught the art of the "oldest modern sport" under the supervision of qualified instructors to thousands of students since 1976.

At EFC, recreational fencers will find an enjoyable, low-pressure sport, while the athlete will improve fencing skills for competition (see Results.) Instruction at EFC is a program based on the current American training system and is tailored to the level and conditioning of each student. The USFA recognized EFC as a member in 1984.

Club director information

Mr. Paul McNamara, EFC's founder, coach and director, has provided individual and private instruction to EFC members since 1978. Paul earned his coaches' certification in foil, epee, and saber at the Olympic Training Center and through the United States Fencing Coaches Association.


Beginning Foil

A new Introductory Beginning Foil Class is starting September 14, 2004. EFC welcomes men and women of all ages. New students must be 11 years or older (continuing students and those who began this summer excepted.) Due to high interest in the class, and a limited number of openings, attendance at first class is very highly encouraged.

Basic fencing covers the fundamentals and rules of foil fencing. Instruction includes stretching, balance, agility, focusing, spatial perception, strategy and fencing history. The transition from normal to fencing motor skills will be emphasized. more crucial information:отзывы/

Cost: $40/month per month, or a 3-month enrollment for $100. The beginning class includes weekly Tuesday night class, 6:30pm - 8:00pm, footwork practice and activities on Thursday, and all needed practice equipment.

Intermediate and Advanced Instruction classes are held in Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters. Includes up to five hours a week of structured and fun group activities under the supervision of qualified instructors.

This class focuses on advanced techniques, timing, strategy, and the psychology of competitive fencing. Electric fencing is introduced at this level. The class is taught in group lessons with foil as the emphasis, and individual lessons for foil, epee, and saber.

Individual - Foil, epee, and saber. Individual instruction is available to advanced students wishing lessons in any weapon. Students must be EFC members.

Cost: $40/month per month, or a 3-month enrollment for $100. All Intermediate and Advanced fencers are encouraged to attend on both Tuesdays and Thursdays. To join, simply stop by the Club September 14 to fill out enrollment forms and pay fee.

Practice equipment

Members and visitors to Eugene Fencer's Club do not need to have their own equipment to start fencing at EFC. The EFC provides all necessary practice equipment for use while at the club. If you want to order your own equipment, please talk to the EFC director. This will ensure ordering the proper equipment and sizes meeting your needs. This year, EFC will charge a modest rental fee for electric equipment borrowed for tournaments.